Richesse de Lux is committed to finding quality tenants and providing

hands-on management of properties, ensuring excellent service to our

Clients. We work closely with our industry partners to ensure a strong and informed

network of current market activities and changes, to keep our Clients well

advised and informed.

Our financial management system is of the highest accuracy supported by

Price Waterhouse Coopers, offering our investors complete transparency on

the financial status of their investment, through monthly statements and

annual property statements, which in turn inform tax returns.

On demand, live financial information accessible directly on your phone.

Richesse de Lux serves a niche market and will make the best, informed

decision on which tenants to place by using our vetting system, being able to

do the following checks:

Credit checks

Qualification checks

Payment profile

Rental report

ID Verification

Criminal checks

Deed checks

Account verification

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